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SEL Self-study: Goal setting 3 - The four steps for setting goals

SEL Self-study: Goal setting 3 - The four steps for setting goals

Includes 4 Google slides. Unlimited usage. Canvas-friendly.

Grade: Elementary (3-5)

Competency: Self-Management

Subskill: Goal Setting

MTSS Tier: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3

Resource Type: Individual Self-Study

Use this ready-made SEL self-study digital resource on the subskill of ' Goal Setting' to help you with social emotional learning in the classroom. This SEL resource has been designed to support students to complete independently either at school or home to improve their SEL skills. It can be assigned in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams for completion at any time. This is self-study resource 3 in a series of 4 and it's designed for use as one of your SEL activities to support SEL curriculum development.

Self-Management is one of the five components that make up CASEL's model of SEL education. To find other SEL activities, please visit our SEL Store and search through hundreds of SEL lessons and self-study resources created by educators and other experts in SEL education.

Bring more confidence and motivation into your classroom by working on goal setting, the ability to think about something you want to achieve, set a goal and be able to plan a way to reach that goal. The goal setting strategies embedded in these social emotional learning activities contribute to a lifelong skill that is useful far beyond classroom education, helping your students achieve their aspirations and fulfill their potential.

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