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Subskill Pack: Empathy - Social Awareness (Middle)

Subskill Pack: Empathy - Social Awareness (Middle)

Includes 8 lessons and 4 self-studies. Unlimited usage. Canvas-friendly.

Grade: Middle (6-8)

Competency: Social Awareness

Subskill: Empathy

MTSS Tier: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3

Resource Type: Subskill Pack

The complete "Empathy" bundle from the SEL store includes a range of SEL activities for your classroom including ready-made SEL lessons and self-studies.

Discussing empathy in your classroom can help your students form better relationships with the people around them. The ability to think about how other people might feel or act in situations and respond in a supportive way, teaching empathy is an integral part of any social and emotional learning program because of its benefits for group work. Achieve your SEL goals and instil this important life skill with the help of this tailored lesson plan.

Social Awareness is one of the five components that make up CASEL's model of SEL education. To find other SEL resources and bundles, please visit our SEL Store and search through hundreds of SEL lessons and self-studies created by educators and other experts in SEL education.

Please note that this bundle is best suited for Middle (6-8) but you can find bundles for all other grades in our SEL Store.

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